Sunday, August 25, 2013

Well, let's see. This is the start of my blog.

A new semester starts tomorrow. Not enthused about it at all. The aides are getting more laissez faire about it every semester. Need some new blood, but that's so hit or miss also.

The shoulder has been diagnosed (a SLAP tear, with a little bursitis, arthritis and a cyst thrown in for good measure) and I am not looking forward to PT. Four weeks of hell then they reevaluate. I have a feeling surgery will be needed. The thing pops around in the joint so freely and pain is near constant.

Stitching! ha!! I need to get down there and work. Alex's quilt is not moving, I have the monthly RR to work on, and this month is the log cabin challenge. Need to get fabric for that one.

- Diane